‘After Midnight’: Film Review

Published on Feb 14, 2020

‘After Midnight’: Film Review

There’s a monster terrorizing screenwriter/co-director Jeremy Gardner’s protagonist in “After Midnight,” and he doesn’t know why, what it is or where it came from. After 83 minutes, we still don’t know, either, but at least it has become clear this is one of those films that “defies categorization” by identifying with a marketable genre it’s nonetheless not really interested in.

Originally titled “Something Else” when it premiered at Tribeca last year, Gardner and collaborator Christian Stella’s film certainly wants to be something other than “just” a horror film, but … what? Ironically for a movie whose hero is accused of evading commitment, “After” also flirts with being a relationship drama, an indie-folk musical, a quirky comedy and whatnot. But none of these things ever quite coalesces, leaving their vehicle a jerry-rigged contraption of variably interesting, likable and skillful elements that only add up to one rather arbitrary goof.

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Author: Dennis Harvey